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Lower Cost
The state offers first-class facilities that matches that in the Klang Valley but at a much lower cost.
Strategic Location
Strategic location in the heart of Peninsular Malaysia
Proximity to KLIA
Proximity to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport and the Multimedia Super Corridor
One-Stop Centre
An efficient and pro-business delivery system with a one-stop centre.
Lower Cost of Land
Much lower cost of land and human resources
Developed Infrastructure
Well developed infrastructure to meet the needs of investors
Attractive Government Incentives
Attractive incentives offered by both the Federal and State governments
Quality Of Life
Excellent and affordable quality of life
Malaysia is one of the most mega diverse countries in the world.
Efficient Financial Support
Efficient banking and financial facilities
Major Ports Access
Easy access to major ports and the availability of its own ports


1. Strategic Location
Negeri Sembilan is a short drive away from these important business centres, giving companies based in the state an added advantage. The country’s excellent highways and road infrastructures run through the State providing easy access to the other major cities within Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore. Next door to:-

  • Kuala Lumpur – 69 km
  • Port Klang – 96 km
  • Kuala Lumpur International Airport – 50 km
  • Multimedia Super Corridor – 61 km
  • Cyberjaya – 65 km
  • Putrajaya – 58 km

2. Competitive Costs For Business Operation
The state boasts over 50 strategically located, competitive-cost and well-equipped industrial estates perfectly suited to a wide range of manufacturing operations offering a significantly lower price for industrial land, compared to the Klang Valley.

3. Supportive and Pro-business State Government
The State has attracted many established foreign multinationals such as SAMSUNG, ON Semiconductor, KIBING Group, NESTLE, KELLOG’s, SAFRAN, Coca Cola, HINO Motors, DAIHATSU Motors, SKF Bearing, NEXPERIA, HENGYUAN Refining and etc.

4. Highly Productive Workforce
Negeri Sembilan has a ready supply of skilled and unskilled young workforce, educated and trainable. The existence of a large number of state funded and private educational and training institutes in Negeri Sembilan, neighboring Kuala Lumpur and Selangor ensures a ready supply of skilled labor.

5. Good Network of Supporting Industries
The state boasts a well-developed supplier base with a proven record for efficiency and ability to support the industries with high-quality goods. This helps manufacturers gain a competitive advantage by enabling them to meet just-in-time requirements, raw material turnover and reduce costs.

6. Excellent Infrastructure Facilities
Malaysia has one of the most advanced and competitive telecommunications infrastructures in the region with high-speed fiber optic cables and satellite links to connect companies to the rest of the world. The nation enjoys a reliable dial-up, broadband and 4G services.

7. Excellent Logistics Hub
Negeri Sembilan is strategically located at the central of region. With a distance of only 96 KM to Port Klang (Main Port), 50 KM to KLIA and 291 KM to Singapore. Negeri Sembilan location is a suitable choice for logistic service provider. Custom Office at Nilai Inland Port can assist in reviewing and grant approval for the export process documentation with less hassle.

8. Quality of Life
Living in Negeri Sembilan is a convenient and pleasant affair, with good public transport, modern healthcare facilities (including private hospitals), quality and affordable houses as well as good schools and colleges.

9. Attractive Incentives
A wide range of attractive tax and non-tax incentives is made available for companies seeking to invest in new projects or expanding existing ones in Negeri Sembilan. Companies investing in the manufacturing sector enjoy a tax holiday period of up to 10 years under the Promotion of Investments Act 1986, or longer as provided for under the Income Tax Act 1967.

Advantages In Investing In Negeri Sembilan

The state provides investors with a low-cost base for manufacturing operations at 50 strategically located and well-equipped industrial estates, such as those in Nilai. Nilai is only 20 kilometers (km) from KLIA, 50 km from Port Klang, 40 km from Kuala Lumpur, and 25 km from Putrajaya. The other main industrial areas are located in Seremban, and Rembau.

To enhance the infrastructural strengths of the state, an integrated industrial township with high quality physical and social infrastructure is fast developing. The 2,046-hectare Enstek Sci-Tech City will comprise a science city, an industrial park and a commercial centre. It will also have a university, a training centre and facilities for R&D as well as recreational and residential facilities. Enstek is a mere 10 minutes’ drive from KLIA.

The state is actively planning new industrial estates which are competitively priced with flexible payment arrangements such as short-term leases and staggered payments for land purchases. Cost of industrial land in Negeri Sembilan is significantly lower than in the Klang Valley.

Malaysia has one of the most advanced and competitive telecommunications infrastructures in the region with high-speed fibre optic cables and satellite links to connect it to the rest of the world. It has internet, broadband, discounted call services, fixed wireless, leased lines, facsimile, video conferencing and other data transmission and networking systems.

The major licensed Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Malaysia are TM Net Sdn. Bhd. (Telekom Malaysia Berhad), JARING (MIMOS Bhd.), DiGiNet (DiGNetTelecommunications Sdn Bhd) and TimeNet (TT dotcom Sdn Bhd) offering both dialup and broadband services.

These are the traditional strengths of the state. All urban population and 90 per cent of rural residents are supplied with piped water. The Sungei Terip project was recently completed to meet increasing demand.

Electricity is supplied to Negeri Sembilan from the national grid. Peninsular Malaysia’s reserve margin is about 40%. As such, there is no problem of electricity supply. In fact, Negeri Sembilan can efficiently cater for energy-intensive industries offering special tariffs for such industries.

A strong supply chain with proven record for efficiency able to support export-oriented industries for the production of high-quality goods is already in place in Negeri Sembilan. This helps companies to gain competitive advantage by enabling them to meet just-in-time requirements, reduce costs and improve quality.

One of the key factors why so many companies are drawn to Negeri Sembilan is the steady supply of skilled manpower.

The existence of a large number of state-funded as well as private educational and training institutes in Negeri Sembilan helps ensure the availability of skilled manpower at relatively low costs.

These include: –

  • INTI University College
  • Tuanku Ja’afar College
  • Industrial Training Institute, Pedas
  • Polytechnic Port Dickson
  • Nilai International University College
  • Islamic Science University of Malaysia (USIM)
  • Negeri Sembilan Skill Development Centre

As well as vocational schools and technical institutes in Seremban, Juasseh, Port Dickson and Kuala Klawang. The Skill Training Institute and the Youth Skill Training Centre are being planned to enhance the supply of technical manpower.

Negeri Sembilan also enjoys a ready supply of skilled manpower because of its proximity to the Klang Valley and the state of Selangor, where are found the majority of Malaysia’s 21 public and 20 private universities and colleges, as well as various polytechnics and industrial training institutes that offer courses leading to certificate, diploma, degree and post-graduate degree qualifications.

The state’s diverse attractions include the popular beach resort of Port Dickson with its many fine hotels and holiday apartments. Port Dickson – the closest seaside resort to Kuala Lumpur has 18 kilometers of gently sloping beaches, dotted with slender palms and shaded by huge casuarina and banyan trees. Visitors can either enjoy the spectacular marine scenery, go snorkeling, scuba diving, boating, wind surfing, jungle trekking, river cruising, visit a lighthouse and an ancient fort or while up the day soaking up the sun at the beaches of Blue Lagoon.

The royal town Sri Menanti, the official residence of the State Ruler as well as the site of the Sri Menanti Royal Museum is a classic showcase of Minangkabau architecture and culture. Other recreational nature spots include Ulu Bendol Recreational Forest, Pedas Hot Springs, the Jeram Toi Waterfalls and the Eagle Ranch Resort. For expatriate golf enthusiasts, Negeri Sembilan has a number of good golf courses of international standard. These include Seremban 3’s Paradise Valley Golf Resort, Staffield Golf & Country Club, Seremban Golf & Country Club, Port Dickson Golf Country Club, Palm Spring’s Golf & Country Club and Sri Menanti Golf & Country Club.

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