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Institute Of NeuroScience Pedas To Become New Medical Tourism Attraction In Negeri Sembilan

Institute of NeuroScience Pedas to become new medical tourism attraction in Negeri Sembilan

SEREMBAN, Nov 1 — The Institute of NeuroScience (INS), Pedas is set to become a major attraction in Negeri Sembilan’s medical tourism sector and is expected to generate RM10.7 billion in gross national income (GNI) by 2033.

Earmarked as a world-class neuro-medical facilities and services in a green environment, INS will be built at the cost of RM1.02 billion and is projected to generate RM1.7 billion in gross development value in the next five years.

Negeri Sembilan Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Aminuddin Harun said the project was developed through strategic cooperation between the Menteri Besar Incorporated (MBI) and technology investment company KIT International Group Sdn Bhd (KIG), on MBI’s 10-acre land.

“INS will begin operations in 2023. I thank KIG for making a wise decision in forging a strategic partnership with MBI by investing in INS in Pedas, Negeri Sembilan.

“The private investment initiative is crucial because it shows the private sector investors confidence in taking up the Negeri Sembilan government’s challenges in its quest to make the state a developed and competitive state.

“It also reflects the state government management is pro-active and progressive,” he said after officiating the INS project groundbreaking ceremony here today

KIG chief executive officer Amir Mohamed was present.

Aminuddin said INS construction will start in the middle of next year and once completed, it will create 1,300 jobs at the professional and support levels for Negeri Sembilan youths.

He said INS will also benefit more than 115,000 families in the bottom 40 per cent of the household income group (B40) in Negeri Sembilan.

They will have access to the neuro-medical facilities and services provided by INS through a medical insurance coverage at a nominal fee that will not pose a burden to them, he added.

“In addition, INS management has also agreed that civil servants will also be able to enjoy the facilities services offered by INS at a reasonable discount,” he said.

Aminuddin said INS, which will be equipped with diagnostic and surgical capabilities with 200 beds, will indirectly become a catalyst in the development of Rembau into a new city in Negeri Sembilan and will be a factor in attracting investments in the surrounding areas.

It will have a NeuroScience Rehabilitation Centre, a NeuroScience Training and R&D Centre, a Health Centre, an Assisted Living Suite, staff accommodation, INS Hotel, a convention and commercial centre, and Bazar Perpatih, he added.

Entrepreneurs are welcome to promote local products, especially food and handicraft at the Perpatih Bazaar, he said, adding that “Hence, I urge local entrepreneurs to seize the opportunity.”


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