Next door to Kuala Lumpur, Port Klang, Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Multimedia Super Corridor, Cyberjaya and Putrajaya. The country’s excellent highways and road infrastructures provide easy access to the other major cities within the Peninsular and Singapore.

The state is located near the Multimedia Super Corridor which houses high-tech enclaves such Cyberjaya and the nation’s administrative centre, Putrajaya. This gives companies easy access to universities, research institutions and federal government departments.
Negeri Sembilan has more than 50 strategically located low-cost and well-equipped industrial estates perfectly suited to a wide range of
manufacturing operations. Prices of industrial land in Negeri Sembilan are significantly lower than those in the Klang Valley (Kuala Lumpur).
Negeri Sembilan has a ready supply of skilled and unskilled workforce – young (half of the state’s population is below the age of 25), educated and trainable. The existence of a large number of state funded and private educational and training institutes in Negeri Sembilan and neighboring Kuala Lumpur and Selangor ensures a ready supply of skilled labour at a relatively low cost.
A wide range of attractive tax and non-tax incentives are available for companies seeking to invest in new projects or expanding existing ones in Negeri Sembilan.

Malaysia has a fully liberalized guideline on foreign equity participation in manufacturing projects, allowing foreign investors to hold 100% ownership of all new projects regardless of export levels. Foreign manufacturing companies are allowed to bring in expatriate personnel if there is a shortage of trained Malaysians. They are also allowed 'key post' or positions that are permanently filled by foreigners

In addition to the Promotion and Investment  Act 1986 given by Federal Government, the state can consider certain incentives for selected special project/cases such as:-
  • Built and lease option for factory buildings for selected project.
  • Waiver on assessment tax/quit rent for special projects.
  • Special water rates for selected promoted projects.
Malaysia and Negeri Sembilan as well has one of the most advanced and competitive telecommunications infrastructure in the region with high speed fiber
optic cables and satellite links to connect companies to the rest of the world.

The nation’s telecommunications sector is liberalized with many companies competing on the bases of value-added services. Cellular tariffs are unregulated and there is keen competition amongst the three cellular service providers. The nation enjoys reliable dial-up, broadband and 3G services.
The state boasts a well developed supplier base with a proven record for efficiency and ability to support export – oriented industries for the production of high quality goods. This helps manufacturers to gain a competitive advantage by enabling them to meet just in time requirements, reduce costs and improve quality.
Nilai Inland Port is the one-stop logistic centre, located 20 kilometers from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport handles cargo, warehousing, open storage and port services for factories in Negeri Sembilan, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Malacca. It offers transportation services to and from Port Klang via road or rail, container handling, container cleaning and repair, bonded and non-bonded storage, physical handling, computerized documentation, packaging and labeling.
Living in Negeri Sembilan is a convenient and a pleasant experience, with good public transport, modern healthcare facilities (including private hospitals), quality apartments and housing complexes as well as good schools and colleges.

Because of its attractive living environment and affordability, many Klang Valley residents have chosen to live in Seremban and commute to Klang Valley to work.
The State has attracted many established foreign multinationals such as Samsung, ON Semiconductor, Nestle, TDK, ALPS, Hitachi Cables, 3M, Philip Morris, Dumex, SKF Bearing, Camcar Textron etc.

The State Government is very keen to attract more industries to relocate or to establish operation in Negeri Sembilan by being business friendly and receptive to the needs of investors.