Negeri Sembilan Investment Centre (NSIC) was established with the aim to help investors, particularly foreign companies, to set up new projects or expand existing operations in Negeri Sembilan. It assists them to start operations in the shortest possible time and with minimum of bureaucratic red tape.

It is mandated to give investors all the necessary information and advice they may need about the setting up of manufacturing operation in Negeri Sembilan – from details of location and key business sectors to the availability of labour, employee cost and telecommunications and water rates to the process of getting the necessary government approvals.

The NSIC acts as a one-stop centre to assist investors with approved manufacturing licenses to get their building plans approved. It can also negotiate on behalf of investors in land matters, legal and other administrative requirements in order to minimize delay in implementing their projects. It can also introduce investors to potential joint – venture partners, service providers, professionals such as building consultants, accountants and lawyers, government agencies or research institutions.

NSIC can also help companies to comply with federal legislations such as the Industrial Coordination Act 1975, Companies Act 1965, Customs Act, Promotion of Investment Act 1986 etc.